The Motherland of Doctor Fish is Turkey

You want to take that fish?

Many traders all around the world unfortunately taken the Doctor Fish from their natural habitat where they can not survive properly. May we remind you our lovely fish is not the sole criteria but the chemical composition of the spa, high altitude of the region (which patients can get pure UVA and UVB rays) and jacuzzi effects of the pools are the main key roles to fight with psoriasis in the motherland.

Did you know it is strictly forbidden to take a live creature out of Turkey due to the Animal Protection Law numbered 5199? In recent years Turkey has been exposed to illegal Animal smuggling including snatching activities from the fishy spa. During their harrowing journey the fish suffer a terrible ordeal as many fish die due to insufficient oxygen, low temperatures and actual physical damage while they are being transported from their natural habitat to some man-made eco system abroad.

As usual Mother nature knows best and these Doctor Fish are no exception as they live and breed quite happily in their own natural habitat due to the natural composition of the spa water and many other natural elements. Unfortunately when the Doctor fish are re located to an artificial environment the fish quickly become ill and unhappy. Taking all these factors into consideration this results in a reluctant approach from Dr Fish to the client.

Even at your city?

There are some fully equipped spa centers, clinics and other so called medical companies that claim they are helping psoriasis sufferers. Unfortunately these type of places exist all around the world.. If we look closely we can see that the Doctor fish is used for cosmetic purposes too. These spas and medical centers are supplied by international fish breeders. This is the new way of trading live creatures from Turkey. In recent years Doctor fish has been used for cosmetic trade such as for pedicures, feet massage and now what even more frustrating is, some international clinics, are even offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs from all over the world. These clinics are closer to you than you think.

Offering reasonable prices?

We at have been approached many times to be part of this illegal trade however we totally oppose this unethical trade as the case is not just related to trust but also it’s deceiving the clients. Please keep reading while we validate our claims. We have never been part of this trade. We know that some medical companies and clinics are offering endless sessions at very reasonable prices but their fund is you, the client, you are the bait and the reason which enables these type of clinics continue to practice. Unfortunately you, are the one caught in their trap.

Okay, We have a news for you:

Now that we are representing the Motherland of Doctor Fish the most unique Psoriasis Treatment Center in the world, we need to provide some very important facts for people who are considering this treatment in another part of the world !

Did you know that the fish are not the sole criteria to heal your derm?

Scientific research shows us that Doctor Fish is not the sole criteria for this cleansing treatment. The people who have had the opportunity to experience our fish pools have had to follow other instructions and procedures in order to guarantee a result from the treatment. This means we can never say that the Doctor Fish are the sole unique factor for treatment of psoriasis. Here is why:

Can they move 1650 mt (5413′) high mountain to your hometown?

The answer is surely not but this is not the only obstacle there are 2 more major hidden factors UV-A and UV-B sunrays coming from the sun. This is the main key for psoriasis treatment sessions. Due to the position and high elevation of the Kangal region, natural sun radiation directly reaches the ground without losing any of its quality. It is pure and clear so efficiently cleans and gently washes the skin. Scientific results show us ultraviolet rays are the most essential factor in helping derm recover. Doctor Fish are definitely not the sole sufficient criteria you would have to take them to an altitude of 1,650 meters high but it doesn’t finish here please keep reading.

This is the most nonsense live trade ever seen almost all around the world. Those creatures have been taken away illegally and inbreeding under unhealthy conditions, lack of necessary chemical composition of the water they supposed to live in.

Can they compose the same chemical composition of warm water?

The answer is no, impossible. You may bottle the water and trade all around the world but you can never re create the same formula containing the same chemical components and ingredients. This is why we drink original bottled spa water every day. The Anionic and cationic elements of the water are the key elements in helping fight skin disease. This is the most important reason why millions of people travel to spa centers for thermal cures and therapy. Unlike other spas, our selenium rich lukewarm water is a life source for wounded skin rather than rheumatic diseases. Not only external but internal interaction with the spa water plays a key role in order for these elements to be absorbed by the body. This is why we ask our patients to drink the spa water 3 times a day on an empty stomach. This brings us to our next important fact.

Can they create a giant pool with bubbles?

Here we go. Scientific research points to the Jacuzzi effect of the spa as the forth key factor to help psoriasis out from the derm. Just think, why do millions of people use bubble effect bath tubs for relaxation at home, the reasons are obvious, so can you imagine how important it is to stay in a pool with a continuous open circulation coming from the its base. There is no doubt about it the benefit that comes from the physical touch of millions of natural flowing bubbles working simultaneously together with the Doctor Fish kissing and healing your skin. Say no more you know the perfect place to go.

Let the whole hand of Mother nature touch your skin.

So now it’s your turn to think about all the pros and cons and take the whole situation into consideration. Over the years we have been serving thousands and thousands of psoriasis and eczema sufferers here in our sanatorium. Every person has their own story to tell, every person has their own life and for these people our treatment center is not just a place of healing it’s also a place for them to socialize, where everybody is met with the same destiny and for us to help the people who trust in us enough to start their personal journey together with us. Over the years we have helped many people and continue helping them for their own sake, regardless of how old they are, what they do, whoever they are we are here to help. Of course we are not a hospital we are a camp where people come and enjoy their stay. We ask them to come and join in the self treatment sessions. All we ask from them is to give 100% commitment to the rules and procedure of the treatment otherwise there is no need for them to spend their time, money and energy as our spa is not just an ordinary holiday it can be a life changing experience.

Bottom line, we are offering mankind a precious gift from nature allow your body to be touched by the hand of mother nature… Not only by a single finger….

Kangal Fisy Spa – Turkey