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Psoriasis Treatment and Psoriasis Fish Therapy by the ‘Touch of Nature’ Turkey’s World Renown Program

Provides Psoriasis Patients with Immediate Relief

Garra rufa Doctor fish or Doctor fish Garra rufa’s motherland is TURKEY !

The Kangal Psoriasis Fishy Treatment and Fish Therapy Center is world renown for its unique skin rejuvenation process. Scientific research and patient observation has shown us that there are many factors responsible for the Psoriasis Patients skin’s recovery during the thermal center’s healing process. There 5 main natural effects responsible for the patient’s recovery from psoriasis:

1- The physical contact of doctor fish provides 4 to 8 hours decapitage of squams by Garra rufa fish

The treatment Centre has since been rebuilt according to world standards for serving people who suffer from PSORIASIS and it is in operation 12 months of the year. The discovery that this holiday thermal Centre can actually be used for the successful treatment of PSORIASIS has been recognized worldwide since until now psoriasis has been labeled as an incurable illness.

2- The high selenium content of the spa

3- The direct effect of Natural Ultraviolet Radiation due to the high altitude (1650 mt.) of the Treatment Spa

4- The Jacuzzi effect of the pools

5- The Reverse Koebner phenomenon

For more information about each method we invite you to browse the scientific research pages. It is essential that all patients follow the rules and guidelines of the program in order to get full advantage of the spa and receive optimal treatment results. Those rules and guidelines are as follows:

1- You must drink at least 3 glasses of the spa’s healing water before breakfast on an empty stomach

2- You must enter the pool after having breakfast

3- Therapy is provided by both the healing properties of the water (rich in minerals) and the healing doctor Garra rufa fish

4- The healing sessions are provided by Garra rufa fish, who have been named ‘‘Doctor Fish” (Garra rufa), that live in an environment where the water temperature is 37 C (it is important to note that there is scientific evidence to support the fact that no Garra rufa fish live in water with its temperature exceeding 28 C). As a result this has been labeled a miracle in itself by the locals. There are 2 different types of fish used in treatment, the strikers and lickers

5- Doctor fish, coupled with the healing water containing the natural element of selenium provides the psoriasis patient with the rejuvenating treatment. Selenium is known to be most effective element in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

6- The patient must enter the pool twice a day, and remain in the healing waters for a total of eight hours per day

7- It is forbidden for the patients to consume alcohol throughout the treatment / therapy period.

8- The patient is instructed not to take any other medication for psoriasis during the treatment period

9- It is recommended that Therapy continue for 21 days with a total of 8 hours pool therapy per day for optimal results.

*** The spa’s concentration of selenium, which is the most effective element known for the healing of various skin conditions, is 1g per liter of water

As research and patient observation has shown, the treatment is a simple collaboration between patient and nature. It has also been proven that obeying and following the above procedures will ensure successful treatment results for all Psoriasis levels of affliction.  

Be a part of the natural healing process that only the world renown Fishy (Garra rufa Doctor fish) Psoriasis Treatment Center in Kangal can provide, and enjoy the reduced pain and tranquility that only rejuvenated skin can produce!

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