Hot Spring

Treatment Center Facilities

A well-equipped hotel complex is available to provide accommodation and treatment services to our psoriasis patients. The treatment center offers 2 different types of accommodation during the treatment sessions. A first class section that includes a room with a private bath, a mini bar, a ground based central heating system, spacious and well furnished rooms and an internal telephone communication system is widely preferable. A second class section is available and also has rooms with a private bath, however the rooms are smaller and they do not have the same features as the first class section. We would like to recommend and encourage our patients to stay in the First Class section of the treatment center.

The treatment center is classified a hotel, unlike other accommodation types, however due to the strict rules regarding treatment, patients must take healthy precautions by bringing their own belongings necessary for overnight stays such as towels, sleepers, soaps or shampoos. Such items can also be obtained from the mini market which is located at the base level of the building.

The treatment center boasts with separate treatment pools for men and women, including 2 different indoor treatment pools. There is also an additional non-treatment pool with no fish for your fun and relaxation. Patients and accompaniers also have the opportunity use one of 16 private baths assessable via a tunnel from the main building to the pools and baths.

The Kangal Treatment Center has 144 standard rooms and 3 suites for larger families. A very spacious restaurant offers the patients and guests a freshly prepared ala-cart menu as well as having a table d’houte menu.

The Treatment center also boasts with fresh and very clean weather all year round thanks its isolated location from the main city. Visitors and patients are also able to take advantage of the high altitude (1650 mt from the sea level) and the sunny skies 280 days of the year. Due to the high level of altitude, the Ultraviolet Rays, which are essential for healthy skin, give a positive physical side-effect to the derm of psoriasis patients. Please check our weather page for weather conditions in Sivas.

We are pleased to invite you to join these extraordinary and scientifically approved world renowned healing sessions in Turkey. With the professional services from Deren Koray Tourism, you will be able to let your body relax in the therapeutic pools and enjoy your treatment sessions at the fishy spa.

What does Deren Koray Tourism offer for the patients?

Deren Koray Tourism proudly offers door-to-door service for all our patients’ treatment needs. All you need do is fill out and submit our reservation or inquiry form, and we will return to you shortly with detailed information. As a second step we will arrange your international and domestic flights, your ground transportation, and overnight stays where necessary. It’s just that simple and everything is at your finger tips – so let Deren Koray Tourism arrange your treatment package today!

In addition to arranging your transportation, flights and other reservation processes, Deren Koray Tourism proudly offersnational and regional activities for both patients and their accompaniers in. We can provide you with daily and short-break packages in or to world wide famous neighborhood regions such as Cappadocia, Antioch, Ankara, and Eastern Anatolia. We are also available to provide rental car services for those who wish to enjoy self-exploration. All the roads are in good condition, so you can take advantage of exploring the region on your own. Deren Koray Tourism also offers local GSM phone service to connect you to the world. Simply obtain your “pay as you go” mobile phone from Deren Koray and you can receive and make international calls… even from the pools and during your treatment sessions at the Kangal center.