Individual Prices

Psoriasis Fish Treatment Prices

Psoriasis fish treatment prices displayed on this page are individual prices to help towards creating your own treatment plan. For more prices including the full package treatment please visit treatment package gallery

 (For the family members and relatives only) Per day – Per Room

Single room

1 patient only


Double room

1 patient, 1 accompanier


Double room

2 patients (family members only)


Suit flat

For patients and accompaniers US$260

 (2 persons not from the same family) Per day – Per Room

Double room

2 patient (no family relation)


Boarding (Catering) Per person only

Full board

Breakfast + lunch + dinner


Half board

Breakfast + dinner


BB basis

Breakfast only

Included in room rate

Transfer rates (x2 way = Rountrip / Return)

Sivas – Thermal center – Sivas

US$120 x 2 way

Malatya – Thermal center – Malatya

US$175 x 2 way

Kayseri – Thermal center – Kayseri

US$200 x 2 way

Psoriasis fish treatment reservation and administration fee: 350US$ per patient (Accompaniers are free of charge)

Other Services:

Terms & Conditions in brief for patients and accompaniers

    • Meals are sold separately (Including breakfasts)

    • Hotel prices include pool and accommodation only

    •  For hygienic reasons, no towels are provided in the hotel. Patients are expected to provide their own personal towels by purchasing them from the market or to bring towels with them.

    • A 50% down-payment is necessary due to the high volume of reservations. This payment must be made within 15 days prior to your check-in time.

    • The cancellation deadline is 7 days prior to check-in. No payment will be refunded after this period.

    • In case of early check-out, no balance will be refunded.

    • Changing flights or rescheduling flights will result in a penalty charge by the airlines.

    • All handling services are offered by Deren Koray Tourism in Turkey