Other Services


1- Door to door transfer service: Wherever you live, Deren Koray Tourism can arrange your international and domestic flights, and necessary ground transfers from your point-of-origin to the Fishy Psoriasis Treatment Center in Turkey. All you need do is to get your flight password from Deren Koray Tourism, show your ID and pick your flight ticket anywhere in the world.  It’s just that simple !

Please check our prices pages

2- Reservations at the Treatment Center: Deren Koray Tourism can make your reservations for you. Simply fill out our detailed Reservation or simple Contact Form, and we will return to you within 48 hours. Get the advantage and priority of being a Deren Koray Tourism patient or customer in the Psoriasis Fishy Treatment Center in Kangal.

3- Daily and Package Tours: We would like to remind you that it is essential for the patients to have a high positive moral during the healing process.  Deren Koray Tourism offers you regional tours and attractions for both accompaniers and patients.  We can arrange gateway travel packages for you to neighborhood regions such as the world famous Cappadocia, the beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean shores, cultural places like Ephesus, Pergamon, Aspendos, Perge, Side, All Seven Churches of Revelation, the Greek Islands, famous resorts like Antalya, Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi, as well as Izmir and the capital of all empires Istanbul. Explore the cradle of civilizations with Deren Koray Tourism. We are available to personalize your travel and healing process by making hotel reservations for a peaceful stay anywhere at anytime. 

  • Full day Sivas Tour: Upon request

  • Full day Divrigi Tour: Upon request (Price quoted is for a private basis single visitor. The prices for the regular tours will be announced at the thermal resort

  • Full day Istanbul Tour: Please use our Dr Fish Pricing Wizard

  • Overnight Hotel Accommodation in Istanbul and the rest of Anatolia: Prices varies from 50 USD to 150 USD according to hotel standards and meal preferences such as BB (Bed & Breakfast),  HB (Half Board) or FB (Full Board) service. Please ask us for further details.

4- Rental car service: If you prefer having access to your own transportation throughout your stay at the Thermal Center, Deren Koray Tourism can arrange a car rental for your personal exploration. You can even pick-up and drop-off your rental car at the airport parking lot.  We can also assist you by providing a chauffeur for your first transfer to the treatment center (Minimum car rental period is 2 days).

Car Type Daily Prices
Renault 9 – Broadway 45 USD
Fiat Siena 55 USD
Suzuki 50 USD
Toyota Corolla 50 USD
Renault Kangoo 60 USD
Fiat Albea 70 USD
Opel CD 80 USD
Renault Megane 95 USD
Renault Clio 95 USD

** Drop charge for treatment center is applicable.

5- Mobile phone rental service & GPRS Internet connection: There is no need to carry your personal GSM phone. Get connected to the world WITHOUT paying high roaming fees! Take your cellular phone with you at all times, even in the pool and in treatment sessions. Make and receive domestic and international calls anywhere, anytime. Simply use our services to load the ‘pay as you go’ voucher for your communication to the world. Get connected to the internet by using a GPRS connection in the pool for laptop / PDA / I-Phone / I-Pad or Blackberry.

Daily charge of the GSM mobile phone is 5 USD (Unlimited incoming calls)


Voucher Credit Value
100 Credit 25 USD
250 Credit 45 USD
500 Credit 70 USD
750 Credit 90 USD
1000 Credit 110 USD


6- Medical assistance: Deren Koray Tourism is also pleased to provide optional medical assistance for our valued customers. Doctors having local knowledge of the treatment method are pleased to share their expertise and experience with Deren Koray Tourism patients during the treatment sessions. Professor/Doctors and Medical Doctors on the Faculty of Medicine at the Cumhuriyet University will be at your service if periodically required and/or requested by our patients at the thermal center.