Psoriasis Fish Treatment Package 1


Day 1: Psoriasis fish treatment package starts in Turkey. Welcome to the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. We will transfer you to your hotel for your overnight stay in Istanbul ( may provide your international flight ticket upon demand), after which you will receive a transfer to return to the Ataturk International Airport for your domestic flight to Sivas.

You will proceed to the Domestic Flight Terminal to fly to Sivas, Kayseri or Malatya via a domestic airline.  You will pick-up your flight ticket from the Domestic Flight Desk by showing them your password and valid ID/passport; your domestic flight password will be provided to you by our reservation team prior to the start of your journey. You will be met upon arrival at the Sivas, Kayseri or Malatya airport and transferred to the Kangal Psoriasis Treatment Spa Center by private car/van and checked into the Psoriasis Treatment Center where you will be welcomed by the accommodating staff. 

As per your selected psoriasis fish treatments package, your treatment sessions in the Psoriasis Treatment Center will be scheduled for either 14 or 21 days.  

Day 14 / Day 22:  Depending on your psoriasis fish treatment package, your stay at the Psoriasis Treatment Center will terminate on the 14th or 22nd day.  Upon checkout, our staff will assist you in your transfer to the Sivas , Kayseri or Malatya airport for your domestic flight to Istanbul.  Upon arrival at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, you will transfer to the International Flight Terminal for a safe journey home. It was our pleasure to host you in the Psoriasis Treatment Center and we at Deren Koray Tourism wish you very healthful days ahead. Thank you for choosing Deren Koray and giving our expert staff the opportunity to assist you from start to finish.  We are both happy and proud to provide you with a safe journey home!

Should you have a request or demand for additional services, we would be happy to add daily tours of Sivas and Divrigi to your agenda during your stay in the Psoriasis Treatment Center.  We would also be pleased to add an Istanbul or Cappadocia daily or package tour after completing your treatment program.


Standard Room (Same family members discounted rates in total)

1 Patient: US$1621 / €1406 / £1240 (Book now!)

dr fish psoriasis

The fish (Cyprinion macrostomus and Garra rufa brown, grey and beige), reverse their skin disorders by clearing up their spots of ill-health.

(FB upgrade is +$168 / +€145 / +£129)

1 Patient & 1 Accompanier (In total): US$2236 / €1940 / £1710

(FB upgrade in total is +$364 / +€316 / +£278)

2 Patients: US$2498 / €2167 / £1911 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade in total is +$364 / +€316 / +£278)

Standard Room (Non family members standart rate) (In total)

2 Patients: US$2673 / €2319 / £2044 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade in total is +$364 / +€316 / +£278)

Suite Room & Flat (In total)

1 Patient: US$2496 / €2165 / £1909 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$168 / +€145 / +£129)

1 Patient & 1 Accompanier (In total): US$3288 / €2854 / £2515 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade in total is +$364 / +€316 / +£278)

2 Patients & 1 Accompanier (In total): US$4076 / €3536 / £3118 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade in total is +$546/ +€474 / +£418)


Standard Room (Same family members discounted rates)

1 Patient: US$2260 / €1961 / £1728 (Book now!)

Doctor Fish - Garra Rufa

The familiarization with the fish takes approximately two to three days. These fish, WITHOUT teeth, clear up the scars through a sucking action with their mouths without causing any pain or bleeding to the patient – the skin becomes smooth.

(FB upgrade is +$252/ +€218 / +£193)

1 Patient & 1 Accompanier: US$3120 / €2707 / £2386 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$504/ +€437 / +£386)

2 Patients: US$3513 / €3048 / £2687 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$504/ +€437 / +£386)

Standard Room (Non family members standart rate)

2 Patients: US$3776 / €3276 / £2888 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$504/ +€437 / +£386)

Suite Room & Flat

1 Patient: US$3572 / €3099 / £2732 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$252/ +€218 / +£193)

1 Patient & 1 Accompanier: US$4695 / €4073 / £3591 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$504/ +€437 / +£386)

2 Patients & 1 Accompanier: US$5817 / €5047 / £4450 (Book now!)

(FB upgrade is +$756/ +€656/ +£579)


1- Single or double room with private bathroom accommodation for the patient (and accompanier if reserved)

2- Chauffeured roundtrip (return) private ground transportation to/from Sivas airport (Zone extension charge will be applied if Malatya and Kayseri Airports will be selected)

3- Psoriasis fish treatment sessions for 14 or 21 days (Whichever is selected)

4- Free Wi-Fi for our clients in the psoriasis treatment Centre

5- Roundtrip (return) domestic flight ticket and airport taxes included for the patient (and accompanier if reserved)

6- Half board catering for patient and accompanier (FB upgrade is available, please see the tariff above)

7- VAT all taxes and charges

8- Handling and service charges, reservation fees for patient and accompanier.


1- International flight ticket

2- Visa expenses at the customs area

3- Tips for driver, porter, animation team etc.

4- Unexpected or extra overnights at the treatment Centre

5- Extra expenses at the treatment Centre

P.S. We are also happy to arrange your international flight ticket from your point of origin to Turkey upon request

Important Notes for your flight connections: We would like to remind you that an overnight stay in Istanbul, transfer to the other airport or connecting you neighbourhood cities may be necessary if your international flight schedule does not match the domestic flight schedule. Our reservation desk will assist you with the additional meeting, transferring, and accommodating arrangements in Istanbul if needed. We will provide you with the necessary information regarding your domestic flight ticket before you leave your country. Your domestic flight ticket will be reserved for you and can be picked up at the Turkish Airlines or partner airline companies flight desk in Istanbul. You may simply pick up your issued ticket by showing your passport /ID/drivers license along with the PNR number that will be provided to you and you’re accompanied by our reservation department.

You may also check onto for other prices and fees.

PRE-RESERVATION  For pre-booking and quotations, fill out the Reservation form and you will be contacted within 48 hours regarding information for the payment process and procedures.

Please fill out our Reservation Form that can be obtained at the following link:


Your psoriasis fish treatment package starts in Istanbul: Arriving Istanbul Atatürk or Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Upon arrival:

1- If your international flight lets us to connect you on the same day, we do so and we arrange your Sivas flight for treatment center right away.

2- If your international flight does not let us connect you on the same day / at the same airport, here are some options you have:

Option 1: Spending an overnight in Istanbul by adding overnight stay package (see below for details)

Option 2: Transferring you alternative Airport to catch next available flight by adding extra transfer service (see below for details)

Option 3: Connecting you to neighbourhood cities (Kayseri or Malatya) by adding ground transfer extension service (see below for details) upon arrival

P.S. Deren Koray Tourism may also arrange your international flight ticket from origin to Turkey

Option 1 – Overnight Package in Istanbul: This service includes meet & greet service in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, 2-way private transfer service, Best Western Hotel stay in Historic Peninsula or similar, overnight stay in a double or single room, open buffet breakfast and seeing off from the Airport.

Option 2 – Alternative Airport Transfer: This service includes meet & greet service in Istanbul Ataturk / Sabiha Gökçen Airport and private transfer service. Parking fees, toll highway fees, Bosphorus Bridge tolls fees are included. US$145 flat rate up to 3 persons per way.

Option 3 – Ground Transfer Extension Fee: If the domestic flight lands on Malatya or Kayseri airport, the extra rate will be charged due to 3 hours transfer distance per way. For an extra person, 10% surcharge will be applied.