Psoriasis Fish Treatment Package 5

PSORIASIS FISH TREATMENT PACKAGE PROGRAM 5 (Featuring 3 nights stay and 2 full day excursion in Istanbul)

Day 1: Welcome to the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. We will transfer you to your hotel for your overnight stay in Istanbul ( may provide your international flight ticket upon demand), after which you will receive a transfer to return to the Ataturk International Airport for your domestic flight to Sivas.

You will proceed to the Domestic Flight Terminal to fly to Sivas, Kayseri or Malatya via a domestic airline. You will pick-up your flight ticket from the Domestic Flight Desk by showing them your password and valid ID/passport; your domestic flight password will be provided to you by our reservation team prior to the start of your journey. You will be met upon arrival at the Sivas, Kayseri or Malatya airport and transferred to the Kangal Psoriasis Treatment Spa Center by private car/van and checked into the Psoriasis Treatment Center where you will be welcomed by the accommodating staff.

Your treatment sessions in the Psoriasis Treatment Center will be scheduled for 21 days.

Day 22: It’s time to check-out of the Psoriasis Treatment, Kangal Fishy Center. Our staff will assist you in your transfer to the Sivas , Kayseri or Malatya airport for your domestic flight to Istanbul. After arriving at the Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, you will be transferred by private car to your hotel where you will enjoy a memorable overnight stay in the Sultanahmet region in the heart of city.

Get the most of Istanbul with this program today. You will admire with this magnificent city with its goods being the capital of all empires. Join us!

Day 23: Your day will start with the opportunity to visit the famous Topkapi Palace where you can explore the maze of buildings built in the center of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. It was in these opulent surroundings that the sultans and their court lived and governed. A magnificent wooded garden fills the outer, or first court. On the right of the second court, shaded by cypress and plane trees, stands the palace kitchens which are now galleries exhibiting the imperial collections of crystal, silver and Chinese porcelain. To the left, the Harem (if available), the secluded quarters of the wives, concubines and children of the sultan, charms visitors with echoes of the intrigue of centuries. Today the third court holds the Hall of Audience, the Library of Ahmet III, an exhibition of imperial costumes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the treasury and a priceless collection of miniatures from medieval manuscripts. You will most certainly admire these galleries. Get your camera and camcorder ready for this is where the most valuable Kasikçi diamond is kept. The footprint of Prophet Muhammed and the ornamental throne of Ottoman Sultans are simply charming. In the center of the innermost sanctuary, the Pavilion of the Holy Mantle enshrines the relics of the Prophet Mohammed brought to Istanbul when the Ottomans assumed the caliphate of Islam. After lunching in a famous restaurant, we will pass Sancta Sophia “The Church of Divine Wisdom” which dominates the skyline of Istanbul. The Basilica of St. Sophia, now called the Ayasofya Museum, is unquestionably one of the finest buildings of all time. Built by Constantine the Great and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, its immense dome rises 55 meters above the ground and its diameter spans 31 meters. You should linger here to absorb the building’s majestic serenity and to admire the fine Byzantine mosaics. It is now considered the Mimar Sinan’s Mosque. After Sancta Sophia, we will proceed to the historical Galata District in order to visit the historic Galata Tower, Neve Shalom, Italian and Askenazy Synagogues, and the Kamondo steps called Jewish Lane. At night you will then be invited to a sound & light show in front of the Blue Mosque (if available).

Istanbul Archaeological Museum boasts rich and very important works of art belonging to various civilizations from the regions from Balkans to Africa, from Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Arab Peninsula and Afghanistan that were in the borders of the Ottoman Empire. Let us take you there.

Day 24: Today’s full-day excursion is once again dedicated to the major places of interest in Istanbul. Our first visit of interest is The Archaeological Museum which displays the highly celebrated Alexander Sarcophagus. Other treasures of antiquity include the Museum of the Ancient Orient which displays artifacts from the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Haiti and Hittite civilizations – the building of the latter museum was built in 19th century. The upper part of the museum has been renovated with a project that has earned the museum the 1993 Council of Europe Award for its contribution to European Culture. We will next visit the Rüstem Pasha Mosque which is one of the tiny mosques in Istanbul built for Süleyman the Magnificent’s grand vizier Rüstem Pasha; the mosque, known for its beautiful Iznik tiles, is dated back to the time of his death in 1561. After enjoying a wonderful lunch, we will visit the Süleymaniye Mosque which dominates the skyline on the Golden Horn’s west bank. Considered the most beautiful of all imperial mosques in Istanbul, it was built between 1550 and 1557 by Sinan, the renowned architect of the Ottoman golden age. Built on the crest of a hill, the building is conspicuous by its great size, which the four minarets that rise from each corner of the courtyard emphasize. Inside, the mihrab (prayer niche) and the mimber (pulpit) are constructed of finely carved white marble accented by intricate stained glass windows that give off a colorful prism of incoming streams of light. It was in the gardens of this complex that Suleyman and his wife Hürrem Sultan, Roxelane, had their mausolea built, and where near to here Sinan built his own tomb. The mosque complex also includes four medrese, or theological schools, a school of medicine, a caravanserai, a Turkish bath, and a kitchen and hospice for the poor. Get ready for the shopping spree of all shopping sprees as we visit the Covered Bazaar which boasts with over 4000 indoor shops. Feel free to stroll around and shop at your leisure. The rest of the night is yours to further explore Istanbul as you like! This tour is provided by Deren Koray Tourism in Turkey

Day 25: Our staff will pick you up from your Hotel and transfer you to the Istanbul Airport for your International flight connection. It was indeed a pleasure to host you in the psoriasis treatment center and we wish you very healthy days ahead. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with a very rewarding and healthful experience, and we wish you a safe journey home. It would be a pleasure to host you once again on a future trip to Turkey, as there is so much more to see!


Your psoriasis fish treatment package starts in Istanbul: Arriving Istanbul Atatürk or Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Upon arrival:

1- If your international flight lets us to connect you on the same day, we do so and we arrange your Sivas flight for treatment centre right away.

2- If your international flight does not let us connect you on the same day / at the same airport, here are some options you have:

Option 1: Spending an overnight in Istanbul by adding an overnight stay package (see below for details)

Option 2: Transferring you alternative Airport to catch next available flight by adding extra transfer service (see below for details)

Option 3: Connecting you to neighbourhood cities (Kayseri or Malatya) by adding ground transfer extension service (see below for details) upon arrival

P.S. Deren Koray Tourism may also arrange your international flight ticket from origin to Turkey

Option 1 – Overnight Package in Istanbul: This service includes meet & greet service in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, 2-way private transfer service, Best Western Hotel stay in Historic Peninsula or similar, overnight stay in the double or single room, open buffet breakfast and seeing off from the Airport.

Option 2 – Alternative Airport Transfer: This service includes meet & greet service in Istanbul Ataturk / Sabiha Gökçen Airport and private transfer service. Parking fees, toll highway fees, Bosphorus Bridge tolls fees are included. US$145 flat rate up to 3 persons per way.

Option 3 – Ground Transfer Extension Fee: If the domestic flight lands on Malatya or Kayseri airport, the extra rate will be charged due to 3 hours transfer distance per way. For an extra person 10% surcharge will be applied.