Sivas Daily Tour

SIVAS DAILY TOUR: A full day excursion and experience in Sivas.

Just give a small break.. It won’t effect your treatment as you’ll replace the hours later on.. You will forget everything and will explore the ancient city, it’s Sivas. After having a strong breakfast our guide will pick you up from Kangal Thermal Resort the fishy spa and drive for Sivas (Picture Gallery)

During the Hittite period (2000 B.C.) Sivas was an important settlement and the later Sivas Frig Empire (1200 B.C) came to power. In Lydian times the famous Royal Road passed through Sivas. From stories handed down, the area has been called Sibasip meaning “three mills”. When we arrive at Sivas the first place to visit is Gok Medrese; it was built in 1271. The enterance gate has interesting brick work and the two minarets have blue tile work from which it derives its name Gok (Sky in Turkish) Medrese the theological college. After Gok Medrese we will proceed for Ulu Mosque which was built in 1196-97 by Kilicarslan Bin Ibrahim. The mosque was built in a rectanguler shape (31m x 45m  with a 1674 sq. meter covered courtyard. Facing the south worship area of 50 columns arranged in 11 paralel rows. Next we will pass Sifahiye Medrese the theological college the oldest and the most extensive hospital and healing centres of the Seljuks. Then we will visit world wide famous Cifte Minareli Medrese which was built in 1271 by the Ilhan Vezier Semseddin Mehmed Cuveyni as a school for the study of the traditions of the words and sayings of the prophet. Today only a section of the east wall remains standing. Time to lunch at Niyazi Bey Restaurant one the well known retaurants in Sivas even in Turkey. Try delicious special Alexandr Kebap in here. After lunch we will proceed for Buruciye Medrese the theological school of the Seljuks has an open courtyard surrounded by four chambers.The stone works of the main enterance gate and the tile of the mausoleum on the left are of great importance. (Since 1968 it has been used as the Sivas Museum). After Buruciye we will depart for Guduk Minaret that was built in 1347 as a burial site for Seyh Hasan Bey, son of Ertana, whose remains lie in the black marble sarcophagus. The short brick cylinder structure rests on a square base and because it resembles a minaret it is popularly called Guduk Minaret or Short Minaret. Finally we will explore the bazaar of Sivas having shops inside. Explore the regional handmade rugs as well as carved and original silver ornaments, tiles, handmade souvenirs in a very traditional atmosphere. May be you wish to get rest for a while. Try delicious apple tea in historic courtyard. Time to depart for Kangal Thermal Resort Center and end of our daily service.